auDA Foundation Opens Third Round of Grants 23 June 2008

The auDA Foundation was established by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) in 2005 and will be accepting applications for grants in the third funding round.

The auDA Foundation Board is keen to receive applications that will utilise the power of the internet to deliver practical outcomes through innovative means.

The first two funding rounds have provided grants for innovative projects such as the delivery of "just in time" advice and support through moderated forums for commmunity volunteers in remote and regional areas, or the development of a customised web browser for the vision impaired.

Chris Disspain CEO of auDA said; "auDA Foundation grants will typically be between $5,000 to $20,000 and be awarded to a range of eligible education or research-based community projects."

"The auDA Foundation would certainly be interested in any new technologies or innovations that will deliver a benefit to the Australian community" Mr Disspain said.

auDA Foundation rules and grant application details

According to auDA Foundation rules, eligible applicants include Australian not-for-profit organisations, research institutions and sponsored individuals but projects must not be for political, religious or sectarian purposes.

Importantly, not-for-profit subsidiaries of Australian businesses will also be eligible.

Applications for an auDA Foundation grant will only be accepted if a complete application is received on or before 5.00pm AEST on the 31 July 2008.



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