Developing an online cloud-based cyberbullying detection system

  • University of Technology Sydney

  • 2013

  • Dr Bhuva Narayan


The project developed and released a cyberbullying detection system that integrates with popular social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Researchers and IT professionals have access to download, use, and test the open-source code license for this detection system that is freely available on the Internet and can be used by schools and parents as needed.

This project used a key natural language processing technology that allowed traces of cyber-bullying to be captured and classified. This is a free and easy-to-install software where the system picks up patterns in social media interactions that can be construed as potential cyber-bullying. Long-term effects of the software will be tracked over the next few years as more people download the software.

Project Achievements

All outcomes of the project are documented at the page below where it was released as an Open Source Code as planned:

What worked well and why?

The user-friendly interface we developed made it very easy for participants to view and code the text related to cyberbullying without them having to learn anything technical about how the software worked. 

How were obstacles overcome?

Obtaining the Ethics clearance for such a study was somewhat more complicated than we expected on account of the nature of the data we were looking at. We overcame this by explaining that we were using existing data made available through educational archives at research institutions, rather than directly from social media. 


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