Software development to reduce the impact of in-bound email spam

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  • Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures

  • 2006


This grant was for the development of an open source front-end for SMTP servers, implementing a novel TCP-layer algorithm to reduce the impact of in-bound email spam (released to the public as ‘Stockade’).

The project aimed to release a flexible, easily installed software package capable of running on a standalone Linux or FreeBSD host, and capable of protecting SMTP servers regardless of their underlying operating system.  By publishing the results to the wider community they also aimed to raise the profile of Australian research institutions within the international Internet community.

Results Achieved

Aside from some “nibbles of interest” from industry in 2007/2008, there hasn't been any uptake of their toolkit that they are aware of.  Anti-spam techniques appeared to veer away from the approach they had implemented.






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