Cyber Safe Community


  • Community Technologies Centres Association

  • 2006


The Cyber Safe Community project aimed to increase the public awareness of online safety, security and online crime prevention to three target groups - children, parents and seniors - in regional, rural and remote areas of NSW, by presenting workshops and providing information to these target markets.

Results Achieved

The project was delivered across 15 communities in rural NSW with a total of 180 participants attending the sessions.  The Community Technologies Centres Association is pleased with the positive attitude the centres maintained in delivering the project and the numbers of participants that were attracted to the workshops. The project has enabled the association to build up a stock of usable material for any future projects in this area.  They use the material from this and other Cyber Safety projects for ongoing training sessions - such as Seniors Week courses. These are free sessions for Seniors funded by the NSW Government.  They have run these sessions every year since 2002.  All material they develop is placed on the members’ area of their website for use by any centre doing internal training or assistance to external clients.

What worked well and why?

A set of fact sheets was developed and distributed. They were printed and distributed in response to queries, used as handouts for workshops and classes, and used in newsletters, media, and fliers, e.g. 'Advantages and pitfalls of being online', 'AntiVirus and Other Protection Software' and 'Banking and Buying Online'.

How were obstacles overcome?

The deadline for the delivery of workshops was 30 July 2007. However, some centres asked for an extension to early August. Workshop attendances were good, and evaluations very positive.  Some centres who initially bid to deliver the project could not get enough participants to carry out the delivery, however there were sufficient other centres in the Association network to take up the project and complete the delivery. While this caused some delays in the project delivery, it did not adversely impact the overall delivery of the project.



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