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The aim of the World of Animal Welfare (WOAW) website ( is to educate and deliver quality, cost effective education about animal welfare to teachers to increase their students’ knowledge of animal care and welfare , and compassion towards animals (and people).  The further grant received from auDA Foundation allowed them to further develop the web architecture for the e-learning website WOAW, and the transition of the site to become a national resource.

(WOAW) is a Queensland based interactive website and virtual classroom, designed specifically to provide cost effective and easily accessible humane educational material, web-quests and online learning for schools, teachers and regional and remote communities across Australia.

What worked well and why?

The project reached its goal of changing development platforms. This worked well because they believe they made the right decision and chose a platform that was at the cutting edge of web development practices (WordPress).

The WOAW website became a national resource, with support from RSPCA National and participating member states. This was made possible thanks to the efforts of RSPCA member states, RSPCA National and the support of the auDA Foundation grant.

How were the obstacles overcome?

Training the RSPCA member states how to use WOAW to its fullest potential was a key obstacle following WOAW becoming a national resource. It was decided that a “WOAW National Tour” would be conducted by the E-Learning Coordinator to promote and train RSPCA member states about the WOAW website. The E-Learning Coordinator travelled to RSPCA QLD, RSPCA NSW, RSPCA Victoria, RSPCA ACT and RSPCA Western Australia. In each state presentations were made, relationships were forged and in many cases the Memorandum of Understanding was signed.



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