Online workshops for family owned businesses in regional and rural areas

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  • 2009


A series of online workshops for family owned businesses in regional and rural areas, dealing with the issues that are unique to family businesses.

Results Achieved

A website portal was built for regional family businesses. Family Business Australia has a suite of education specifically designed to help family enterprises professionalise. One of the most pressing needs in regional areas, where there is a high proportion of agribusiness, is the need for succession planning.

As a not-for-profit organisation with limited resources, they designed the portal to enable farming families to access information and advice. They ran a number of podcast presentations which attracted a total of 30 regional participants.

What obstacles did you encounter?

The problems they encountered were less to do with the technology and more to do with their inability to get the message out to those who needed it. Just as they were about to extend their reach, via a large fertilizer company whose client base was agribusiness, the global financial crisis hit and German the company promptly withdrew its support. 



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