The Family Literacy Website project

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  • Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

  • 2008


Development of an Information Portal for indigenous families to access important information, resources and strategies to support the literacy learning and language development of their children and to help them to learn to read and write.

Results Achieved

The project website was developed to improve access for Indigenous families to information they could use to help their children with reading. This need was certainly met in that they received significant feedback that the website has been promoted to and is being used by individual families, child care and early education course delivery organisations, and by some primary schools. For most of these groups, the website is an additional and engaging way to provide Indigenous students and families with information about helping children with reading.

What worked well and why?

Based on comments made by different users, the most effective aspects of the website were the images of Indigenous children and adults engaged in literacy activities and the voice-overs that go with the ‘hot tips’. These aspects seemed to be attractive, to ‘speak’ to people in the sense that they could listen to advice on helping children to read as well as see images that suggested ways to help children with reading. In other words, the website did not rely on the users being highly literate themselves.

How were obstacles overcome?

A key obstacle that certainly was evident in the NT and other states at the time of the project was the limited access to the Internet by a key target group (remote Indigenous families). This obstacle still remains but has reduced as more and more remote communities are now able provide their residents with internet access.

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