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SANE Australia provided a 12-month Mindful Employer eLearning program to a selected rural organisation.  This organisation participated in a pilot program to improve the mental health of their volunteer workforce/membership, evaluate the effectiveness of this program and then make any necessary adjustments.

Results Achieved

SANE Australia was overwhelmed by the advancements and achievements of the Rural Worker Training in Mental Health project. Without the funding from the auDA Foundation, this project and partnership would not have been possible. Nor would the positive benefits to the mental health of workers at Fire & Rescue NSW have been realised. They have also achieved the development of mental health policies for the organisation. SANE Australia are thrilled that the eLearning modules are still being utilised by Fire & Rescue NSW and that they can replicate the program amongst other organisations working in rural/regional communities.

How were obstacles overcome?

SANE Australia understands that every organisation will, at some time, face internal changes that hamper their ability to engage with external partners as initially expected. Internal changes delayed the schedule for the launch of the eLearning program and the structure of the launch. However, this resulted in zero impact on the effectiveness and delivery of the program overall.

 A media article (included with the report): “Healthy all over” by Paul Howell, relating to the Rural Worker Training in Mental Health, was featured in HR Monthly in April 2013.   Information about this SANE Australia initiative can be found at:

Mindful Employer




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