HeartClass for Kids

  • HeartKids New South Wales

  • 2013


In 2014, HeartKids NSW began work on an auDA Foundation grant project to produce an interactive website aimed at primary school children. Designed for the classroom setting, ‘HeartClass for Kids’ is targeted to peers of children with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD).

Project Objectives:

  • To promote social inclusion of children with CHD
  • To reduce stigma associated with CHD
  • To promote psychological and emotional wellbeing for children with CHD
  • To promote awareness of CHD in primary schools throughout NSW and ACT
  • To promote awareness of HeartKids NSW in primary schools throughout NSW and ACT
  • To enhance the charity's capacity to support primary school aged children with CHD.

Results Achieved

HeartKids NSW launched the HeartClass for Kids website, which went live on 25 February 2015.

The website has an engaging story narrative which follows 'Henry Heartkid', a nine-year-old boy who loves AFL but is unable to play because of his condition.  Henry's story seeks to inspire children to have empathy for their 'heart kid' peers.

The website development process was complex and thorough, involving engagement with an Advisory Committee of experts and stakeholders, and the creation of around 80 images which accompany text for the lessons.

HeartKids NSW is honoured to work with Sydney Swans co-captain Jarrad McVeigh (pictured below) to help promote HeartClass for Kids.  Jarrad has been a dedicated supporter of HeartKids NSW since losing his baby daughter Luella to CHD in 2011.

Plans and Objectives for the Forthcoming Period

The upcoming focus for the remainder of the project is:

  • Mailout to ACT and NSW primary schools
  • Continued online marketing via the HeartKids NSW Facebook page, website, e-news and EDM
  • Possible paid advertising.


Check out the new website at: www.heartclassforkids.com.au




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