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  • 2012


Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) provides an online platform for individuals who wish to change their alcohol drinking behaviour, with the support of an online community of people who blog about their goals and achievements.

Research has shown that Australians believe they have a problematic drinking culture. Alcohol is directly attributed to 1 in 8 deaths of young people under 25. HSM targets a growing population of people who are looking to take a short break from drinking, but find traditional alcohol support programs unappealing.

HSM received a grant in 2012 to conduct research on the current HSM community and online platform to determine the most effective functionality and design to make it a more engaging behaviour change tool.

What outcomes were achieved?

When the project commenced, there were 6,000 "HSMers" using the online program. In their final report, HSM stated there are now around 30,000 users (and growing) – an increase of 388% since the project began. To illustrate the impact of their support, they equated this to "2 million alcohol free days, or 279,732 hangover free Sundays".

In partnership with the University of Queensland, HSM investigated how their users fit into the wider alcohol treatment space in Australia.
The main findings of the article were:
1. Hello Sunday Morning currently reaches demographic groups who are unlikely to access already established forms of treatment/support
2. Hello Sunday Morning attracts younger drinkers more than other established forms of treatment/support
3. The peer-to-peer nature of Hello Sunday Morning increases engagement of friends and family.

HSM has also undertaken research in order to define behavioural archetypes to help them better understand their users, and has tailored the online program to meet their needs.

In order to become a financially sustainable, long-term program, HSM launched a premium, subscription based version of Hello Sunday Morning. 'HSM Hero' offers subscribers the ability to upgrade their account and access additional features for a monthly fee, or one-off fee for 3 or 12 months. HSM still also offers a free service.

What worked well and why?

There was an immediate interest in HSM Hero, which indicated that users were willing to pay for an upgraded version in order to access additional functionality.

HSM has also learnt that there is a higher number of high-risk and dependent drinkers using the platform than they had anticipated. They are working with leading researchers in alcohol addiction and online behaviour change consultants to ensure that these users are accessing the support they require.


The sign up page for HSM Hero is located at https://www.hellosundaymorning.org/pages/become-a-hero.




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