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This grant supported the development of the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) website navigation tool, now called the 'Service Finder', to allow clients to search online for region-specific ABI community services in Victoria via the Internet.

It not only enables clients and families to better research services, but also helps health professionals to provide location-specific referrals for clients.

Results Achieved

The Service Finder was developed successfully and went live on 14 June 2012 at:

Throughout the research process for the navigation tool, BrainLink learnt of new services throughout Victoria, which they are now able to refer clients and callers to. This will hopefully have a positive impact on families impacted by ABI, as they will now have opportunity to be supported by more community organisations. Over 200 services were updated and added to their database.

A new BrainLink flyer features the Service Finder to help promote its use amongst families and carers, as well as BrainLink’s current and new networks.

Beneficiaries of the project include persons with an ABI, carers and families of those with an ABI, health professionals, and other community and government organisations in the industry. Feedback received from those using the Service Finder is that it is comprehensive, easy to use and up-to-date.

“The service finder has been very useful to me and members of the Lotus Group. We are able to jump online and search for services for members of the group and/or people we come across, knowing that the information is relevant and up to date.” (Lyn, a person with ABI)

“I was asked to try the service finder and I found it to be very easy to use and comprehensive. I simply selected the area I was looking for services in and clicked search and a list of services came up! If only I had access to this tool when my husband acquired his brain injury!” (Patricia, carer)

“The service finder has been a useful tool for myself and my colleagues, especially new colleagues who join the service.  We are able to direct them to the BrainLink website and service finder to become familiar with the names and locations of different services. It’s a quicker and more effective way for my colleagues to learn about services without leaving the office." (Greg, Professional)


How were obstacles overcome?

Unfortunately the project met with some delays, mainly due to contractor and other staffing issues. The overall outcome of the project was not impacted on, however, as the quality of the Service Finder was not compromised. They now have a dedicated worker devoted to ensuring quality control and that the information remains updated and current.






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